General Audition Information

Most of our auditions will be an open call, which means anyone of all levels of experience is welcome to audition. All will have a fair chance to audition for a part in a show.

In-Person Shows

Singing Auditions

-Generally, auditions will require performers to sing a 16 bar cut or 32 bar cut song ready with sheet music in the preferred key for an accompanist. In the event that we don't have an accompanist, we will ask for performers to have edited tracks for auditions.

-Bring a recent headshot/photo.

-Provide an updated theatrical resume.

-Make sure to fill out the Audition Form.

Dance Calls

Make sure to wear appropriate dance attire to audition if you are called for a dance part.

-Wear close-toed shoes like dance shoes or sneakers.

-Come ready and stretched before the actual call.

-Be prepared to dance solo or dance in groups.

Virtual Shows

Singing Self-Tapes

-Record yourself singing either a 16 bar or 32 bar cut song, depending on the theme of the show. 

-Must record in horizontal (landscape) format.

-Have the backing track play audibly in the background while you sing.

-Recording should be from your torso to the top of your head with a little space.

-Make sure to slate before singing your song.

-Label your self-tape with your full name and song title.

-Send the files either through a google drive link, youtube link, WeTransfer link, or Vimeo. 

For tips on how to audition, go to our Audition Tips page!

Registration is OPEN!

Once Upon A Time concert (1).png

We have a Youth Theater program as part of our company with shows catered for performers ages 8-17. All levels of experience are welcome to register for our youth shows. The design of the rehearsals are lighthearted and fun, but also organized and professional. This experience is great for prepping young actors who want more training before taking on a professional mainstage production or they just want to improve their skills and have fun! Performers will be taught how to audition, read scripts, learn lyrics, pick up choreography, and memorize blocking. We encourage all performers to work together as a team when doing a show since all parts assigned are considered important. If you have a child performer who loves to sing and dance, but want to be in a friendly and encouraging environment, check out when our next registration is!