How to Audition 

If you have been wanting to audition, but unsure on how to send in video submissions or wonder what we look for, here are some answers that can help you! 


How should you film self-tapes for video submissions?


When we have open auditions and ask for video submissions, that means we accept self-tapes. Here are some suggestions on how you can film your self-tapes to showcase your abilities as well as your personality. 


Film horizontally (landscape). Do not film vertically. 

Record your singing with a backing track.

Dress appropriately like you are going in for a job interview. 

Film from your torso to the top of the head, leaving some space above in case you need to move around while you sing. 

A clean neutral background looks more professional. Do not sing in front of the bed, or on the floor. We look for performers who are presentable, professional, and reliable. A messy background can say a lot about a person. It is also distracting when there are other objects in the frame, when the focus should be on you. 

Slate in your video before you sing your song. The reason why this is important is so that we can keep track of what song you sang and to write down your name when we go through the casting process. If you don’t slate your name or song, and your email doesn’t say your name, then it will go unwatched. 

Label your self-tape with your Full Name and Song Title. This is to make sure your video doesn’t get lost with other videos and will make it easier to organize and find. 


How should you email your interest?


When sending in your interest for a show, we suggest you explain your interest and your name. Be kind and courteous. Make sure all the materials that were asked for are attached to the email. If you receive an email confirmation, it’s always nice to confirm that you received it and say thank you. 


What do we look for when casting a show?


Our company holds the values of hard work, kindness, professionalism, and supportiveness. We look for performers who are true to themselves and are supportive of other performers even when they don’t get the show or part they want. Teamwork matters most and in order for shows to happen, we need performers who understand that it takes a village to put on a show. Auditions are not a competition and bad attitudes are frowned upon. As a family friendly theater, we look for performers who are wholesome and want to perform simply because they love it, not because they want to be better than others. If you are looking for a more cut throat place, we are not the company for you. However, we do hold our performers to a professional standard. We welcome all types of performers no matter the level of skill, especially if we see that you are having fun and put in extra effort into your video.


What else should you know about self-tapes?

First, find the song that falls under the instructions of the audition. It shows that you can follow directions. Second, find a song that best showcases your vocal level. Make sure to record with a backing track to show that you can stay in the right key and rhythm. Give yourself enough time to learn the song and to record it. Level your camera so that it doesn't look slanted or shaky. Put light in front of your face so that you can be seen. Dress appropriately and look presentable. A prepared performer is more preferred than someone who didn’t put in any effort. If you ever need guidance on how to make your performance more engaging, booking a lesson with a coach is always a good idea.