All transactions starting August 1st with Performance and Fun are considered donations, and will go directly towards the theater to help fund for classes, materials, shows, venues, rehearsal spaces, sound equipment, editing software, licensing, costumes, sets, lighting, permits, and more. 

Each time a participation fee or donation is submitted to Performance and Fun, the amount will be added to your total donations and will advance you to the next tier automatically. Please keep in mind that as a nonprofit organization, all transactions are tax-deductible donations. (Speak to your tax specialist for more info)

 In a few years, we aim to have our own physical space for the community to do shows on a stage and for an audience to come enjoy the performances we put on. This will be great for artists and patrons.

However, creating a theater requires a lot of financial help. If you wish to be involved in any way, this is one of them!


Venmo: @performanceandfun

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Shipping of items only limited to United States

*Exclusions apply to private voice lessons and ticket sales. Ticket sales will help fund for our shows and are still considered donations that are tax deductible, but it won't go towards the tier status. 

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Throughout this year, we have tried our best to continue creating shows and classes for performers to pursue their love of theater. However, we no longer have enough funds to stay afloat after paying various registration fees to turn our theater into an official nonprofit. Part of being a nonprofit is to inform the public of our spending and what your donations are going towards. In order for us to continue, we are asking for any amount of donation to help us fund for the remaining shows we planned for this year.

Here are some costs that we need help with (for virtual and inperson shows):

Studio Rental per hour: $40.00 (2 hour minimum)

Insurance $250/year

Zoom cost: $149.90/year

Editing Software: $40/month

Set Materials: $800

Sound Equipment: $800

Lighting: $900

Decorations: $200

Chair Rental: $100

Costumes: $300

Venue: $110 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Deposit for Venue: $150

If you love what we do and have been part of our family, please consider donating. We appreciate every bit of help.


Tina Nguyen

Founder and Artistic Director