Creating a theater requires a lot of financial help from the community. If you wish to be involved in any way, this is one of them!

In order for our theater to continue growing and keep it's platform, donations can help pay for 
classes, materials, venues, rehearsal spaces, sound equipment, editing software, licensing, costumes, sets, lighting, permits, and more. In a few years, we aim to have our own physical space for the community to do shows on a stage and for an audience to come enjoy the performances we put on. This will be great for artists and patrons.

Each time a direct charitable donation is submitted to Performance and Fun, the amount will be added to your total donations and will advance you to the next tier automatically. Please keep in mind that as a nonprofit organization, some transactions are tax-deductible donations. (Speak to your tax specialist for more info)

Venmo: @performanceandfun

(email us to receive your donation receipt)

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Donor Recognition

Thank you to all our donors who helped our theater. Each time a person donates up to a certain tier, they will be recognized for their help.

Donation Tier Description


Tier 1: Audience ($50)


At this tier, donors will receive a complimentary water bottle with the theater’s company logo on it as part of a gift recognition. This fund will help pay for a month’s worth of editing software costs for the theater and any other fees to keep daily operations running. Editing videos costs labor and for the software itself to manage multiple video files at once. Computer repair due to high volumes of files to be edited will also be part of the expense as virtual performances continue. In order for us to upkeep our theater, this expense is greatly offset with the help of donations. 


Tier 2: Stagehand ($350)


Once you reach this tier after an accumulation of donations, the donor will receive a complimentary tote bag with the theater’s company logo on it as part of a gift recognition. This donation amount will help with the cost of props for stage productions. A theatrical production requires many little pieces to create a cohesive show. Some examples of stage props are faux food, candles, trees, toys, phones, flags, scene cutouts, doors, hanging decor, flowers, bags, signs, and more depending on the show being put on. 


Tier 3: Ensemble ($750)


Once a donor is at this tier, they will be placed on a separate email list and get insider information that is exclusive to donors such as upcoming auditions, shows we plan on doing, and special invite to events that aren’t ready to be announced yet to the public. The funding at this tier will help pay for one show’s worth of costumes depending on the amount of people cast in a particular show. A fun part of being in a show is getting to be in costume and to portray a character on stage. With the ability to afford costumes, we can make sure performers have access to comfortable clothes and sizes that are appropriate to them so that they can easily and safely move on stage. 


Tier 4: Supporting ($1,500)


Anyone who is at this tier will receive a complimentary T-shirt with our theater logo on it as part of a gift recognition. This amount of donation will go towards the expense of renting rehearsal spaces for one show. Shows require a cast to come together and rehearse the materials in depth in order for the final product to be ready for an audience. Since blocking and choreography are important, rehearsal spaces are needed to give direction to the actors. Rehearsal spaces are not free, and places usually ask for insurance on top of the initial fee. With this funding, we will be able to rehearse more safely and have a better environment for focus.

Tier 5: Designer ($3,000)


The donor at this tier will receive a complimentary hat with our theater logo on it as part of a gift recognition. This donation will greatly help pay for one show’s worth of sound equipment. On a big stage, actors will need to be heard even if they have full control of their projection. When there are musical tracks playing, the performer’s voice can be drowned out and so mics are needed. Some examples of what this expense will entail are microphones, mic pouches, sound board, speakers, cords, the sound technician to operate the sound system, and more. 


Tier 6: Casting ($5,000)


At this tier, the person who donates to this amount will be offered a one-time free ticket to any current show and a complimentary ⅓  page spot in a show program where they can promote their own business or create a special shout-out. This donation will be put towards the funding for one show’s worth of lighting expenses. Performers will need to be seen in proper lighting as well as having a lighting design to make the sets on stage have more color and detail. It creates different moods and textures depending on the lighting design. This expense entails the lights, the fixtures, the modifiers, the lighting control, the rigging, the effects, the lighting designer, and the lighting technician to operate it all. The quality of the shows will immensely be improved and look more professional.

Tier 7: Director ($10,000)


Anyone who donates to this amount will be offered a commemorative director’s plaque, two one-time free tickets to any current show, and a complimentary ⅔ page spot in a show program where they can promote their own business or create a special shout-out. This donation will help pay for not only the licensing rights to a show, but it will also pay for the construction costs of sets for that one show. Licensing for each show varies, but they usually range between $2,000-$6,000. With the extra donation, we will be able to hire set designers and a crew to build a background that will bring the story to life. Performers will be able to walk on stage and be immersed in a different world and the audience will enjoy watching quality performances on a stage when sets are involved. 


Tier 8: Producer ($20,000)


At this tier, the donor will be given a commemorative producer’s trophy, four one-time free tickets, VIP guest passes, and a complimentary full page spot in a show program where they can promote their own business or create a special shout-out. With a donation of this amount, the theater will be able to rent out a full size theater with a stage, wings, backstage, green room, dressing room, a lobby, and more. With a bigger theater, we can create bigger shows with the capability to cast more people. On top of that, we can increase the number of audience seats so that more patrons can come see a show. We can also increase the amount of days we will have the show running for, which means more time for performers to be in the show and more options for patrons to choose which day they can come on. 


After this tier, a donor can continue to donate until they reach the Producer level again and will be gifted a new commemorative trophy each time, along with the complimentary tickets and other perks that comes with this tier.

Show Costs

Full Scale Musical Production:  $30,000 - $40,000

Full Scale Play Production: $20,000 - $30,000

Concerts: $5,000 - $10,000

Virtual: $600 - $2,000

Shipping of items only limited to United States

*Exclusions apply to private lessons, classes, show fees, and ticket sales. Ticket sales will help fund for our shows and are still considered donations that are tax deductible, but it won't go towards the tier status. Only direct donations will be applicable.