Donor Recognition

Thank you for your donation! You are on this page because you directly donated to our company or through the accumulation of participation fees from shows, classes, or workshops. (starting August 2021)

*If you wish to be anonymous, but your name is on the list, please email us and let us know so that we will take care of it.

Audience Tier ($50)

Monique C.

Ashleigh R.

Annika S.

Isabella M.

Tina C.

Lisa B.

Jennifer B.

Kalei G.

Kiley S.

Ida-Maria C.

Abby T.

Diane C.

Melissa M.

Rachel L.

Natalie P.

Daniela V.

Sarah D.

Alice M.

Yaffa S.



Jennifer S.

Eddie L.

Stagehand Tier ($350)

Kenna W.

Ensemble Tier ($750)
Lead Tier ($1500)
Director Tier ($3000)
Producer Tier ($5000)