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Private Lessons

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Singing and Acting

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Private Lessons (Singing & Acting)


No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll still need to work on performing your song, not just singing it. Musical theatre performers are expected to understand their lyrics and use their acting skills to tell a story. We will find the character's motivations, needs, wants, and goals when you bring your song to lessons. This will require taking apart the song, and explore the world in which the song takes place. That way, you are fully in the moment and committing to the words on the page.

 Develop healthy habits to become stronger singers. Performing on stage takes a lot of stamina. With private lessons, you will learn breathing exercises, vowel placement, resonance, and more. Understanding the body will help you navigate your vocal capabilities. There will be in depth study of ear training so that you will sing in tune. Breath control is emphasized to create support. Practice is encouraged for consistent improvement.


Each lesson is designed according to the students’ abilities, and will make the necessary changes once the teacher is more familiar with their needs for an audition. We will work on your performance and audition book so that when you go into an audition, you will be ready and confident. Casting likes to see personality and that you are a great person to work with. During lessons, we will train you for any upcoming auditions.

Stage Presence

Performing on stage can feel overwhelming. The way you perform makes a difference and if you are afraid to be in front of an audience, it really shows. There are ways to overcome that. Through time, we will work on getting rid of that fear and you'll be able to transition the focus away from insecurity to more confidence.


For those who are interested in working one on one to study acting scenes or monologues, private lessons are available to help you learn how to act on stage. It's difficult to practice a scene when there is no guidance. With privates, we are able to explore the character's motivations, backstory, goals, and mannerisms to create a believable and natural portrayal of the character. We will go through acting exercises, speech warm ups, and more.

Book A Private Lesson

Private Lessons are a chance for performers to take their skills to the next level. If you are a serious student who would like to improve your overall technique and perform with more power, take the next step and book a lesson. Spots are first come, first serve. Availability will be sent once you send your contact. 

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