We welcome performers of all ages and all experiences to audition for our shows. A percentage of our students have the opportunity to participate in our seasonal productions with the goal of gaining the experience of a live production with other performers. We encourage students to audition and put their skills into action. The focus is more on the process of learning in an encouraging environment rather than the final product. 

We hope to see you at auditions and we would love to work with you in any future productions.

Virtual Concerts

Live via Zoom

Miss performing live? In front of an audience? We put on virtual concerts for performers who want to sing from home and share their voice to an online community.

Virtual Productions

Pre-recorded performances

Participate in these virtual productions where we provide scripts, sheet music, blocking, and choreography to a fully licensed show. It involves singing AND dancing. After we rehearse for a few weeks online through Zoom, we instruct performers to film their parts from home and send it back in for us to professionally edit into a musical for anyone to stream online. 

Virtual Cabarets

Pre-recorded performances

We also put on virtual cabarets, where performers film from home with their own equipment. They have creative freedom on how they want to film their song, so performers can play with backdrops, costumes, props, and more all on their own. There are no rehearsals so it is very flexible for people's schedules. Each cabaret has a different theme and we edit all the videos into one entire cabaret to be uploaded for online viewing.

In-Person Shows

Performing in-person will be a great opportunity for those who want to perform in front of others and build a show as a community. We are starting small with groups of people who are interested in the local area. Currently, we are located in Southern California. We will have cabarets, concerts, showcases, revues, and full productions.

Benefits of Performing


By performing in front of others, you will develop a mindset that will enhance your braver self.


Dedicating a set time for rehearsals will cultivate a habit of being punctual,  prepared, and professional.


Creating a show takes a village! It requires every person to pull their weight and give full efforts to make a show happen.