Theater Policies

Payment Policy

Performers must agree to their payment plans if a show or activity requires a fee and pay in full for any activity that is put on by Performance and Fun. For those who are on a payment plan, we ask that you pay on time with the amount agreed upon.

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds after a class or rehearsal has started. We ask that you do your best to stick to the commitment when you are in an activity with the company and follow through till the end of the class or rehearsal to avoid any misunderstandings. If a performer drops out in the middle of an activity, there will be no refunds since materials were bought and created for that performer. A structured class/rehearsal with consistent attendance is designed to help performers improve their skills and build confidence. 

Withdrawal Policy

Sometimes, commitment to shows are not meant for everyone. When a performer drops from a show last minute or provides no notice, it will affect their standing with the company and affect future possibilities to be cast in shows. We understand it is enticing to work multiple gigs at once. However, if you have agreed to do a show with us we expect you to follow through with that agreement till the end of the process. It is disrespectful to drop out last minute when you have already agreed to participate in the show. Just remember, it would've been a spot for someone else who would really want to be in it, so if you know that you are not capable of such a commitment, we suggest you re-examine your schedule first before auditioning. 


Venue Policy

Performers must respect the rules of the venue we are renting from and keep the place clean after we leave for the day. Please do not touch items that are not property of Performance and Fun.


Dress Code

Performers can wear anything comfortable to class or rehearsal, must be appropriate and family-friendly. Make sure to wear close-toed shoes for safety, and then change into dance shoes if needed.


Rehearsal Guidelines

Stay professional and focused at all rehearsals. There will be no horseplay or harmful acts towards other actors. As a courtesy, one warning will be given if there is an issue. Recurring instances will result in removal from the event with no refund.  


We expect performers to arrive at their scheduled rehearsal times appropriately unless you have already notified us of all the conflicts and we have been made aware of them. Any new conflicts that have not been excused after rehearsals have started (unless medical) could impact your performance and your standing with the company. Please be respectful of the time we put into creating the schedule that is meant to accommodate everyone.


Rainy Weather

In the event that the weather is rainy or stormy, outdoor rehearsals will be moved online through Zoom and we will continue with rehearsals regardless. An email will be sent out to notify all parents. 


Politics Policy

In order to provide the best neutral environment for the performers, and to maintain focus on the materials or events, there will be no discussion of a political nature on the premises or virtual spaces during Performance and Fun activities.